School and Class Letters

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School Letters

Class Letters


Osmington Maple 1 Sept 23

Maple 1 Poole Harbour trip 2022

Maple 1 AFCB Lunch Club

Maple 1 Meet the Teacher slides 2022


Osmington Beahaviour Contract

Osmington timetable & kit list 4 July

Osmington Form 3 Sept 22

BCP Year 5 talk booklet 2022

The Bourne Academy Open Day Ad 2022

Maple 1 RSE Letter 2022

Maple 1 RSE Parent Presentation 2022

Maple 1 Birds of Poole Harbour new date

BSO Lighthouse Trip 28 April

Free Cricket Club KS2

Staffing update Maple 1 April 22

Year 5 swimming letter 2022

Positive case Year 5 24.01.22

Football lunch club letter Y5 Jan 22.doc

Hockey Club Jan 22

Positive case Maple 1 13 Dec

Positive case Maple 1 9 Dec

Positive Case Year 5 8 Dec

Positive case Maple 1 2 Dec

Positive case Maple 1 28 Nov

Positive case Year 5 24 Nov

Osmington Bay 2022

Hockey club letter Year 5 & 6

Football training letter Yr5 & 6

Positive Case Year 5

Maple 1 Birds of Poole Harbour

Maple 1 Transition PowerPoint


BCP Year 5 talk booklet 2021

BCP Year 5 talk 2021 Branded

Adventure pirate Maple1

Osmington Maple 1 for Sept 21.doc

Times table competition Y2-Y6

M1 Mrs Lennon English lessons 12 Jan.doc


Osmington Bay Residential Trip

Holy Week Powerpoint

Sir Linkalot Spelling Letter KS2

Maple 1 Home Learning

Year 5 French unit 4

Year 5 French unit 4 sheets

Yr5 04 Healthy Me

Maple 1 – Home Learning Letter

Maple Base Educational Visit – Further Information

Maple Base Visit to Hengistbury Head

Bournemouth University Trip 2020

Year 5 Football Team Training Sessions


Maple 2 River Trip

08 22 BCP_PreMeasure Parents 202223

Sec 2023 – Letter & Information Sheet

Maple 2 luncthime football club letter

Maple 2 lunchtime football to xmas


Leavers Assembly

Dorset Adventure Park confirmation letter

Maple 2 RSE Letter 2022

Maple 2 RSE Parent Presentation 2022

BSO Lighthouse Trip 28 April

Free Cricket Club KS2

SATS Breakfast letter 2022

Year 6 swimming letter 2022

Positive case Year 6 17 Feb

Positive case Maple 2 14 Feb

Positive case Maple 2 10 Feb

Positive case Maple 2 7 Feb

Bearwood consent form L1&2 20220711

Year 6 swimming letter 2022

Football lunch club letter Y6 Jan 22.doc

London Trip Maple 2 letter 2

Positive Case Maple 2 1 Feb

Positive case Year 6 25.01.22

Hockey Club Jan 22

Positive case Maple 2 9 Dec

Positive case Maple 2 6 Dec

London Trip Maple 2

Positive case Maple 2

Positive case Year 6 24 Nov

Hockey club letter Year 5 & 6

Football training letter Yr5 & 6

2022 Secondary Letter and info sheet (1)

Football lunch club letter

Maple 2 Transition PowerPoint


End of Term Year 6

Behaviour June 21

Form 3 June 2021

Parent Letter June 21

Transition PowerPoint

Parent Letter – Transition

PGL Kit List UK

Osmington update 23 April

Osmington Bay update M2

Times table competition Y2-Y6

Year 6 teacher letter


2021 Secondary Allocation Information

Year 6 Home School Agreement.docx


Year 6 Leaver’s Event

Year 6 letter SRE 2020

Leavers Hoodies – 11th May.doc

Maple Base Educational Visit –
Further Information

Holy Week Powerpoint

Sir Linkalot Spelling Letter KS2

Maple 2 Home Learning

Maple 2 – Home Learning Letter

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School

year 6 times tables letter

Maple Base Visit to Hengistbury Head

Bournemouth University Trip 2020

Leaflet – NCMP Pre-Measurement School Height and Weight

Weights – Measurements

Transfer to Secondary School Meeting

Osmington Bay 2019

Previous Years School Letters

2021/2022 Letters

Summer 2022

Fair sweet jars

Sports day letter to parents STARS Summer 22

Social Media Apps Guide Letter

Reading Breakfast June 22

Spring 2022

PSHE letter to parents

Parent Letter – 31/03/22

Word Processing Club

Online Questionnaire Letter

Lockdown Practice Letter March 22

Ukraine Letter March 2022

Covid Guidance March 2022

Mrs Wall Letter 18 Feb

Foundation Flyer 3

Number Day 2022 letter

Dance Festival 21 Jan

Covid 19 Update 20.1.22

Parent Letter – Peer on Peer 2021 and Child-Friendly_Peer-on-Peer-Abuse-Policy

Elevate 3 – Call Out 2

Breakfast & After School Club update 19 Jan

New Covid Rules 11.1.22

PP letter JANUARY 2022

Forest School After School Club letter to parents

Protecting_Child_Against_Flu_DL_leaflet_2020 & Flu Offer Letter – Bearwood Primary School

Autumn 2021

Parent Letter Dec 2021

Book Fair Dec 2021  and  Scholastic Payment Instructions

Parent Governor Election Letter

Parent update 22 Nov

Parent Letter – Anti-Bullying Week 2021

COVID-19 Update 10 Nov

COVID-19 Update 2 Nov

Return to School 1 Nov

CMH Open day 6Nov and  CMH Ensembles 7Nov

Mrs Wall Letter

Operation Xmas Child and How to pack a shoebox

Theme day allergen report (1)

Primary Theme Day – Burger Shack – 7th October 2021

Walk to School Intro letter

Forest School KS2

Forest School Year 2

Forest School Year 1.doc

Forest School Reception.doc

Forest School Nursery.doc

Sports Day Letter to Parents Autumn 21

Century Introduction 2021 (for KS2)

Return to School – September

2020/2021 Letters

Welcome to Our New Reception 2021-2022 Class!

Please find below information that is important for you:-

Reception start dates for children from Bearwood Nursery 28 June

Reception start dates for children from Bearwood Pre-School (Tree House) 28 June

Reception start dates for children who are coming from other environments 28 June

Tricky Words 1

Welcome to Oak 2

Skills of School Readiness Skills Flyer

Parent Flyer Virtual offer 2021

Parent Communication 2021 – PMG School Uniform

General Letters

Summer Term 2

Uniform Reminder 16 July

Mealselector Bearwood New Intake letter Sept 21

Meal Selector Online Ordering Guide

Parent Letter – HAF Summer (Non PP)

Positive case in school 13 July

Positive case in Nursery 13 July.doc

Latest News on Potential Lifting of Bubbles

Transition morning letter 2021.doc

Fit For Sport – Wrap-Around-Childcare

Summer Term 1

Track and Trace Over Half Term

KS1 Sports Day Letter

KS2 Sports Day Letter

Update Letter – 14 May (1)

RSE Parent Presentation 2021

Spring Term 2


School Watch – 22nd April’21

Mrs Bennett Letter

Contact Tracing Easter Hols

Comic Relief 19 March

Science Letter

Parent Letter – Joy of Moving and Joy of Moving Winter Games Pack_Final

Spring Term 1

Return to School 8th March

World Book Day 2021 and Book Token – Primary UK

Support for Parents During Pandemic – Leaflet from BCP

Half Term Track and Trace Letter

Parent Letter – Health and Fitness Afternoon

Snow Letter – 8 Feb

Pupil Survey Letter – 5 Feb

Remote Learning Update 5 Feb

Parent Letter – Wellbeing Afternoon

Letter from Hamwic – 28th Jan

Remote Learning Update 12 Jan.docx

Remote Learning Parent Letter Update – 22 Jan

Equipment Letter Children in School – 21 Jan

Remote Learning Update – 12 Jan

Remote Learning Update – 8 Jan

Addendum Behaviour principles – September 2020

Addendum Attendance – January 2021

Coronavirus Safeguarding Arrangements Addendum

Nursery Provision 5 Jan.doc

Remote Learning 5 Jan

Remote Learning EYFS 4 Jan

Remote Learning Y1-6 4 Jan

School Re-Opening Jan 21

Autumn Term 2

Christmas Track and Trace Letter – 16th December

Christmas Track and Trace letter – 15th December

Online Learning from January

Christmas Letter from Hamwic

BCP Council – Christmas Plate

Food Bank – 2020 Christmas Opening Times

Virtual Book Fair Dec 2020 – Pre-Browse Book List – Parent Order Form

MCAS-Parent-Guide (1)

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Announcement 2020

End Of Lockdown and Friday Early School Closure

Key Worker Fridays

INSET Update – 16th November

BCP Coronavirus Update – November

Lockdown Update – 5th November

Children in Need

Update Letter – 3rd November

Autumn Term 1

Guidelines and Testing – 21st October

BPNS  One Case of Covid – 20th October

Attendance – 16th October

October’s Parents Evening – Zoom

Protecting Child Against Flu DL leaflet 2020

Bearwood Primary School – Flu Vaccination Nasal Spray

OFSTED – 6th October

Devices Letter

NHS Track and Trace Letter to Parents

Attendance Letter – 140920

Reference Guide re Covid Related Absence for Parents

Relationships and Health Education Policy

TAS Meeting

Seesaw Permission Letter

Welcome Back to New School Year

2019/2020 Letters

Welcome to Our New Reception 2020-2021 Class!

Please find below information that is important for you:-

Welcome letter new to FS2 2020 (1)

Welcome to Oak 2

Staged Entry Letter

Pupil Consent Pack – Permissions Signing Forms

Oak base permission booklet Autumn 2019 (SW)

New Parents Presentation – June 2020

Summer Term 2

FAQ September return to school letter

Map of car park

Return to School September 2020

Headteacher Update Letter – 2 July 2020

Transition Letter

Headteacher Update Letter – 18th June 2020

Returning To School

Support for Parents During Pandemic Leaflet

COVID-19 Update Letter to Parents – 12th June

Invitation Letter to MCAS

E-Safety Letter

Covid-19 Transition Pack

Update After Week 1 of Reopening

Free School Meal – Government Voucher Scheme

Further Details About School Re-opening for Children of Keyworkers – 28th May 2020

PMG – School Uniform Available and Stores Re-Opening

Map of car park

Further Details About School Re-opening – 22nd May 2020

FAQ Letter to Parents

Summer Term 1

Guidance for Parents and Carers from BCP Council

Further Details About School Reopening 22nd May 2020

Home School Agreement for Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 6 and Key Worker Children

FAQ Letter to Parents – 20th May 2020

Letter to Parents About Phased School Re-opening – 15th May 2020

May Half Term Letter – Key Workers

Further Information for Parents – 14th May 20

Possible Reopening of Schools to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 Pupils From 1st June

School Initial Response to Government Update on Current Lockdown Procedures – Sunday 10th May

Keeping in Touch – 1st May 2020

After Easter Holidays

Spring Term 2

End of Spring Term Letter

Keeping in Touch Letter

Further information for parents regarding learning

School Closure

Letter regarding Coronavirus 23Mar20

Coronavirus update 17 March 2020

Letter – Hamwic Coronavirus COVID-19 – Update for Parents

Spring Term 1

Coronavirus – 28 Feb

Art Workshop

Art Workshop pics

Car Park A Harris

EDUBOX After School Singing Club

Reading Week at Bearwood 2020

English Open Classroom

School Car Park Consultation Summary

Outstanding Reading Record Letter 2020

Reading Encouragement Letter 2020

Autumn Term 2

Book Fair Letter – Dec 19

School Christmas Activities

Triple P Primary Course

Supporting your child’s transition to secondary school

Help your child manage stress and anxiety – Pathways taster

Carpark Survey

2019 Reading Challenge

Autumn Term 1

Diwali Workshop – Update

School Council Non-Uniform Day Letter

Bearwood Primary and Nursery School Ofsted Inspection Report September 2019

Ofsted Inspection Outcome Letter

Short Guide to Self Enrolment – Flu Vaccine

Online Consent – Parent Letter 2019-20 FLU Vaccine

School Age Immunisation Flyer

Diwali Workshop

Letter for Parents regarding Drum lessons

Collecting Children from School

Poetry Assembly Letter

Key Stage 2 Sports Day – 2019 2020

Meet The Teacher (2)

Spelling Shed

Meet The Teacher

2018/2019 Letters

Summer Term 2

School Council – Pizza Hut Letter

Summer Term 1

Book Fair Letter

Spring Term 2

All Together United Against Bullying

Joe Wicks letter BBC

Funding Crisis

Family Outreach Worker

Joe Wicks HIIT Tour

Spring Term 1

Book Week 2019 Letter

English Open Classrooms Jan 2019

Guinea Pig Letter Home

HEAT Information form parent carer guidance only V1.00

MEE Out of School – Breakfast Club

NCMP_pre-measurement_School_height_and_weight_measurements leaflet 2018

Reception Weight & Measures Letter

Updated BU HEAT form Parent Carer

Autumn Term 2

Online Safety

Christmas Party Day

Christmas Church Service

Christmas Church Service – Change of Date

Book Fair


Countdown to Christmas

Marvellous Me

Parents Email Address Request Letter


Celebrating Differences

NSPCC Assembly

EYFS & Key Stage 1 Christmas Production

House Christmas Tree Competition

BU Programme 2018-19

BCU Launch Covering Letter

Announcement – Blog Posts

Autumn Term 1

Walk to School Week

Poetry Assembly Letter

Music Tutition – Key Stage 2 Pupils

Inspired Through Sport – Cancellation Letter

Inspired Through Sport – PE Letter

Going Home Letter

Attendance Matters & Year 6 Data