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Remote Learning Policy


If a child is awaiting PCR results or has tested positive for covid and is well enough to complete learning, school will provide learning for pupils – this will be drawn from learning packs, online provision and zoom.  Please see additional website resources for supply.

In the event of school closure due to COVID, remote learning will be delivered as Blended Learning – a balance of work to be completed online and work which can be completed offline.  This is to ensure that children with limited access to devices can still complete the work.

It is crucial that education remains a top priority if a lockdown is necessary.  The teachers are teaching new content to the pupils and it is important that no child misses learning and falls behind others in their class.  The teachers may move some of the learning units around so that they can be better accessed from home with resources that will be readily available.

Please ensure that your child is punctual as teachers will not be able to restart the lesson or re-explain the task.  Each afternoon your child will be set a task on Purple Mash/See-Saw and receive simple instructions for accessing any necessary resources.  These tasks must be completed by the end of the day in order for teachers to mark them and plan their next lessons.  Afternoon tasks will cover a broad range of curriculum content, which will underpin children’s future learning.  If you require any further resources to support the learning, for example a 100 square, pencils, paper, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.

The amount of work provided will reflect the school daily timetable as much as possible and will consist of 4 or more hours of remote learning a day in line with the Government’s Mandatory Guidance:

We just wanted to email to say a huge thank you to you all for the incredible efforts being made by the team to support the learning of our boys.

This is such a difficult time, juggling learning with everything else involved but we think that you are all amazing.

The boys are beginning to get used to a new way of learning (we have our up’s and down’s just like everyone) but the effort and time that your staff like Mrs Guarguaglini, Mrs Goodfellow, Mrs Lennon, Mr Rockstar and everyone else supporting in the background, are putting in is just incredible.

Not only are you supporting us at home you are looking after us at school as well, plus checking our learning and making sure we’re ok. This is not an easy task and we want you to know just how appreciated and important you all are to us.

Thank you so much for looking after my boys and for keeping them safe…you’ll have the pleasure of their company next week! Look forward to seeing you Monday morning.

Year 2 & 5 Parent
Thank you to everyone for working so hard at present. A huge thank you to all the staff especially Mrs Goodfellow, Mr Rockstar, Mr Longland and Miss Gover.
Year 2 & 4 Parent
Celebration Presentation: Oh my goodness! This video was amazing!! Thank you all for putting that together and huge well done to everyone!
Year 2 Parent
Good morning,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you very much for the zoom remote learning.

It has been so much easier for us to be able to juggle working from home and the children have their learning.

Thank you for providing it all via zoom and thank you for your support and help.

Year 3 & 6 Parent
Thank you to Mrs Goodfellow, Mr Longland, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Wall and indeed all the staff…..

Max and Owen both really enjoyed their first day of live lessons. It was wonderful to hear them interacting with their teachers and classmates and then going on to complete the tasks set. They needed a small input from myself at times, but went on to complete much of their work independently! A great result for the first day!

A huge thank you to everyone for all your hard work.

Year 2 & 4 Parent

A Poem sent in from a Parent During Covid-19

Twas the week before half term and all through the land
The staff were tired of washing their hands
Of cleaning the desk, and the drawers and the pens
Of reminding their class not to cuddle their friends.
Of hand gel and soap, of bleach and of wipes
Of passwords and google and things that swipe
Of trying to stand at the length of a line
From friends where shoulders they wanted to cry on

Twas the week before half term and all through the land
The families were trying to make up great plans
That don’t involve meeting, or greeting, or places
That in these strange times don’t resemble safe spaces.
They look to the staff and all they have done
To make school inviting, inspiring and fun
The see past the problems, the issues and rules
To bring back the joy and excitement of school

Thank you for being the safe place, the learning
For standing there strong with the children returning
For finding solutions that don’t feel so strange
With no funds or magicians that help you arrange
For stories and spelling and phonics and play
For taking the fear of this moment away

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Internet Safety Day

9th February 2021

  • Dorset Police – Video on the left

Also, BBC are delivering a live lesson if you are interested!

Wellbeing Day

For activities and links to other Wellbeing sites please Click Here

We are very happy to be supporting Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week  – 1st – 7th February. 

Click here to access their website where you will find some fantastic free resources for all the family to enjoy.

School Online Learning Sites

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X Tables Rockstars

EYFS Home Learning

This Weeks Learning:-

Monday 22nd February 2020

We are officially half way through the year!

During this half term we will be thinking about changes and growth, looking at life cycles and talking about seasonal changes.
For the first two weeks we will be looking at the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. A video of the story can be found here ….
We will be talking about the sequence of events in the story and writing it ourselves in short captions. We will be working hard to develop our writing skills and aiming to use our phonic skills to write simple sentences. If you are helping your child at home, remind them to use their phoneme fingers and refer to their sound mat for support.
T-L-898-The-Very-Hungry-Caterpillar-7-Day-Food-Diary-Writing-Frame_ver_1.pdf  You may find this helpful to print and record on at home – alternatively the children can create their own booklet with folded paper.
In Phonics we will be revisiting some our digraphs; this week we are looking at ai. oa, ow, igh and oi.
We will be looking at colour mixing and creating symmetrical butterfly prints. We will be experimenting with creating different shades of colour.
One week until half term!!

This week we are working on two stories; The Runaway Pancake and Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. 

As it is nearly half term we will be completing individual assessments on Zoom so won’t be doing our usual afternoon sessions. We will be in touch with times for your child’s sessions.
Here are a selection of activities that you can pick and choose from to keep you busy in the afternoons. As always, we would love to see what you are up to so please do share by emailing
Here is a PowerPoint of The Run Away Pancake The Runaway Pancake.ppt
A video of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes can be found at
If you are looking for non-paper based activities, why not have a go at making your own pancakes and experimenting with different fillings.  You could have a family pancake race or compete to see who can walk the furthest with a pancake (pretend!!!) on their head!  You could even have a pancake tossing competition and measure how far the pancakes have travelled (we haven’t done any measuring yet this year so getting the children to measuring distances using their feet would be a great first taster!)

Monday 1st February 2020

This week we will be reading Kipper’s toy box and finding out more about how different toys move.

Our sounds for the week will be ue and ure.

Number will focus on numbers 9 and 10 and the number pairs that make both 9 and 10.

It would be helpful if your child could make their own toy box containing 9 of their toys ready for English and Maths sessions on Zoom next week and an old sock for Friday afternoon. Below is the link to the story. – Kipper’s toybox

Monday 25th January 2020 – link to story of Brown Paper Bear read by Mrs Ramsay.

New sounds will be ow ( cow) and oi ( soil)

Find More Exciting Information for Our EYFS Here:

Class Blog

Shop Blending

Extra resources for home

Attached below are some additional resources that you might like to print and use at home. We are currently working on Phase 3 phonics and there are some sounds that the children will not be familiar with. Start with the Phase 2 cards and see how your child gets on – it is great to keep revising all the sounds we have learnt. The Phase 3 cards are more challenging. Remind your child to use their “magic reading finger” to point to each sound and then blend them together at the end. It might take a few attempts for them to successfully blend the word. If your child is finding it tricky, model sounding it out and blending to them and then encourage your child to repeat.

We would love to hear your child reading. If you have any videos of them reading that you would like to share please email them to

Phase 2 word cards

Phase 3 word cards

Letter formation sheets

Upper and lower case handwriting sheet

Here is a video with all the Jolly Songs on:-

Tricky Words

Having a go at this every day will really help increase your child’s recognition of our tricky words. We need them to recall these instantly on sight to help them develop fluency as readers.

We have done the words in Phase 2 and 3 so far – these words are orange and purple. The words after this are for later in the year so please just focus on the first 19 words for now.

T-L-5775-Phase-2-to-5-Tricky-Words-Quick-Read-PowerPoint_ver_1 (1).ppt

High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words appears lots in our books so it helps develop confidence as a reader to be able to recognise these quickly. Here is a Powerpoint you can read through at home to help your child become more familiar with them!


Additional Online Learning

Crystal Explorers

Your adventure begins here…

Play as one of our brave, intrepid explorers on an adventure through five fantastic maze worlds.

Collect the crystal shards as you go, unlocking the challenges and using your knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling to solve the fiendish puzzles.

Watch out for baddie Salty Dan, he is determined to steal your crystals and use them for his evil plan! Can you work your way through the levels to unlock golden crystals in every level and topic, and stop him in his tracks?

More Options Available – Click Here to See And to Check Out Crystal Explorers! is a Fun, Interactive, and Educational way to learn.

We offer Math, Jokes, and Educational Games. also offers kids clip art, wallpaper, kids jokes, games, and more. provides hours of learning fun for kids

More Options Available – Click Here to See and to Check out

Designing the Future


Useful Reading Resources to Replace Reading Books

Whilst we are unable to provide reading books during the lock-down we are able to signpost sites that are providing free access to reading books and resources. Please click on these links: (Audio books)

(Free 30 day sign up for over 40,000 books and resources.)

A great document for finding books similar to those authors you love:

This site is arranged by book band colours that you will be familiar with.

Non-Screen Activities

Five 30 Day Lego Challenge For Kids

If you have a little Lego lover in your life, encourage them to have some fun and challenge their creativity building. Try something different each day with one of these FIVE printable 30 day Lego challenges!

For more LEGO fun, check out our LEGO LAND page for more dedicated to all things LEGO.

Enjoy some good old fashioned family fun with these printable WOULD YOU RATHER questions, or show your kid’s how to have some “top secret fun” SPY CODES For Kids

Click Here

RSPB – What is Wild Challenge>

What is Wild Challenge?

Wild Challenge is a call – to get up, get out and get wild!

It’s a challenge for you to connect with the natural world in brave new ways – to reach out and touch it and meet it head-on, up-close and personal. All you need to do is create an account and an online profile, and within a few quick and easy steps you’ll be ready to get stuck in to your wild adventure!

You can go as quickly or slowly as you like and we have a wide range of activities to suit your needs and location. There’s something to do throughout the year, no matter what the weather brings!

Selected other RSPB activities, such as Big Garden Birdwatch count towards your achievements too!

Wild Challenge replaces the Wildlife Action Awards – an awards scheme for schools and families which we’ve been running since 1988. Thousands of children have taken part over the years and Wild Challenge’s shiny new content and online presence ensures that many more children can get wild and closer to the nature on their doorstep.

If you would like to focus on wildlife gardening and helping nature thrive in your outdoor spaces, check out our Giving Nature a Home pages where you can create a personal plan with six simple activities to help you give nature a home where you live.

Click Here for More Details

RSPB – Games and Activities

Create a hotel full of different natural materials, to provide hidey-holes for creatures galore!

The size and construction of your bug hotel is only limited by the materials you have available and your imagination!

Minibeasts are very relaxed tenants and will find the places that appeal to them as long as there are lots of nice nooks and crannies to explore, and some nice rotting bark to munch on.

If you build a solid foundation you can always add to your hotel in stages later on or whenever you have the right materials to hand.

Have fun and get building!

Are you doing this activity as part of your Wild Challenge? Take a look at your progress and go for gold!

Did you know That your average UK woodlouse might be around 1 cm in length – but in the tropics you might find one which is three times as big, if not bigger!

If building a Minibeast Hotel is not for you then please check out the many more challenges available on the below link which include: Making a bird bath, Rockpooling, Upcycling for nature, Making a Hedgehog Cafe and lots more!

Click Here for More Details

Image result for pe free images

Your fitness adventure begins here – Click here to begin!

Remote Learning Communications

Would like some challenges – things going well! Home schooling is much improved.
PUPIL - Izzy
Really like that we can be in control of our learning time in the afternoon, getting really engrossed in it and losing track of time. Enjoying finding out about Emmeline Pankhurst and then writing our own biographies.
PUPIL - Ethan
I feel that it is better when the children in school have a tablet as this means all pupils can join in with the Zoom conversations.
Pupil - Lewis
I’m enjoying time with family and school work
Pupil - Zuzia
I am enjoying more time reading and practising Polish and English
Pupil - Zuza
Online learning is better than the 1st Lockdown!
Pupil - Ethan
Home schooling is much improved!
Pupil - Izzy
Pupil - Lewis