Car Parking & Cycling

Car Parking

Please drive slowly and safely in our car park and park with courtesy to other users.

Please do not park in disabled bays, unless you are entitled to do so and do not block other cars in preventing other parents from getting off to work on time. Thank you

Disabled bays are provided for blue badge holders. Bays are located close to entrances for the benefit of those drivers and children who are less mobile than most.

Please help road safety in our car park by;

  • being alert for children crossing
  • not parking on double yellow lines or blocking other vehicles.
  • only letting children out onto pavements.
  • not parking in disabled bays unless you are a blue badge holder.

Cycling to School

As a Healthy School we recognise the many positive benefits of not travelling to school by car. We support pupils and their parents who wish to cycle to school together as it:

  • Improves health through physical activity.
  • Establishes positive active travel habits.
  • Promotes independence and improves safety awareness.
  • Reduces congestion, noise and pollution in the community.
  • Reduces the environmental impact of the journey to school.

If you and your children would like to cycle to school please collect a form from the school office. When the form has been returned, we will issue you with a permit for your child’s bike or bikes. If you decide to stop cycling to school with your child/ren, please return your permit to the office so that it can be reissued to another family. Parents are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance does not cover loss or damage to bicycle

Please complete the attached form and return to the office to apply for a bike permit. If the permit is for an independent cyclist, please attach the child’s road cycling training certificate.

Download Bike Permit Form

Cycle Safety

We would advise that all cyclists wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet and use appropriate reflective clothing and bike lights when visibility is poor.