In this current situation everyone is facing some uncertainty, however, we want to reassure you that when it comes to your child/ren’s learning, we are here for you.

Below are some frequently asked questions that have been emailed in to us, we hope they help you too!

School Work

Q. How do I support my child with Maths?
A. Please visit the NCETM website here: NCETM – Supporting Parents and Carers with their children’s Maths



Q. How do the children complete their worksheets?
A. Please can the children write their answers/responses on paper, take a photograph of their work and then upload the photograph using the Green Plus sign next to the worksheet.


Purple Mash

Q. My child has the right log in details but is having difficulties logging on to the system, how do I resolve it?
A. If children are having issues logging onto purple mash but have the right log in details it is likely to be because they are not on the school portal page.  Please search for the school on the main purple mash page, or follow this link Purple Mash Portal


Home Learning Packs

Q. Will there be any additional home learning packs available?
A. Classroom Secret’s have released new home learning packs, these are available by visiting their site.  Please click on the link below.

Classroom Secret’s Website

Q. Would it be possible to have a copy of  the answer sheets to mark our children’s work?
A. The answers to your Classroom Secret packs which were sent home are listed below:


Summer Holidays – 2020

Holly 1 – Year 1 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers  & Year 1 Answer Sheet

Holly 2 – Year 2 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers  & Year 2 Answer Sheet

Willow 1 – Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers & Year 3 Answer Sheet

Willow 2 – Year 4 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers  & Year 4 Answer Sheet

Maple 1 – Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers  & Year 5 Answer Sheet

Maple 2 – Year 6 Summer Activity Booklet Answers  & Year 6 Answer Sheet



Holly 1 – Year_1_Home_Learning_Pack_Guidance_and_Answers[1]

Holly 2 – Year_2_Home_Learning_Pack_Guidance_and_Answers[1]

Willow 1 –  Year_3_Home_Learning_Pack_Guidance_and_Answers[1]

Willow 2 – Year_4_Home_Learning_Pack_Guidance_and_Answers[1]

Maple 1 – Year_5_Home_Learning_Pack_Guidance_and_Answers[1]

Maple 2 – Year-6-Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers[1]