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BBC Bitesize – Crystal Explorers  (KS2)

The quest just got better

You’ve explored jungles, caves and ancient tombs on your mission to find the crystals and protect them from the sneaky pirate Salty Dan.

Now you can also face the most thrilling puzzles straight away. Solve the crafty Chameleon’s riddles, jump over the snapping crocodiles and swing across the waterfalls to victory!

We’ve made some exciting changes to the game.

  • Play the challenge mode to test your grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.
  • Choose the topics you want to practise and see your scores at the end.

To enable these new features we unfortunately needed to wipe your previous character and progress data. We really hope you’ll enjoy playing the updated game by becoming a Crystal Explorer again.

Click Here to Play Crystal Explorers

BBC Bitesize – Small Town Superheroes  (KS1)

The Small Town Superheroes have an urgent mission for you!

Join the Small Town Superheroes as they solve the problems and mysteries that occur in Small Town.

You’ll need to use your KS1 English skills to help the heroes complete all the missions.

  • Perfect your punctuation with MC Ernie.
  • Get confident at compound words with Evergreen Ena.
  • Tackle tricky spellings with Acrobat Annie.
  • Grow your grammar skills with Sporty Steve.
  • Become fantastic at finding information with Undercover Ursula.
  • Sail through sounds with Sally Tape and Percy Painter.

There are 18 mini games to play and plenty of superheroes to meet, so it’s time to get to HQ. Over and out!

Click Here to Play: Small Town Superheroes