Wellbeing Day

Wellbeing Activities in School

– 5th March 2021

Wellbeing Activities in School

– 12th February 2021

Wellbeing Activities in School

– 29th January 2021


Pupil’s Feedback on their Wellbeing Day


I made a unicorn picture and it made me feel happy.
Molly - EYFS
My sheep picture made me feel very very happy.
Milly - EYFS
I made a hug with Mrs Wilson and it made me feel really happy.
Toby - EYFS


I liked making a hug for my mum, I put lots of hearts on it and enjoyed colouring it in.
Reeva - Holly 1
I made a hug for my Mummy and Daddy and I put some of my colourings on it.
Sarah - Holly 1
I made a hug for my Grandad and I coloured it in orange and yellow.
Jackson - Holly 1
I liked the afternoon because it made me feel relaxed and calm. I especially liked the zen art.
Hope - Holly 2
I liked everything and there was a lot to choose from, so I didn’t know what to pick from.
Anthony - Holly 2
I really liked Jacob’s lion and it looked like he was having a lot of fun doing it.
Jaiden - Holly 2


It was nice to be able to give what we had made to someone in our family and make them smile.
Lucy - Maple 2
It was fun because we had a chance to relax and complete some quiet, calming activities.
Mackenzie - Maple 2
My favourite thng about the well being was that I could do something like your time and it was fun!
Sofia - Willow 1
My favourite thing was making the hug hands.
Ava-Rae - Willow 1
I liked the fortune teller because it was fun.
Raghda - Willow 1
I enjoyed the sensors because I could sleep.
Louie - Willow 1
It was a great way to engage with our friends and relax at the end of the week.
Lily - Willow 2
Drawing and colouring was a very calming way to finish the week.
Jess - Willow 2
I liked relaxing by listening to music and colouring. I really enjoyed it.
Eliza - Maple 1
I spent some time quietly laying under the table – it was really relaxing.
Kyran - Maple 1

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