Our School Council

At Bearwood School, we value the ideas and opinions of our children. In order to provide a forum for all children to have a ‘voice’ we hold weekly Class Councils. All the children are trained at holding meetings, taking minutes and setting agendas.

We also have a School Council which meets through the year to work on themes raised from Class Councils.

Being a School Council rep is considered to be an important role in our school, thus the children are encouraged to think carefully before committing themselves to a year ‘in office’.

Hustings are held, where the children can explain to their class why they feel they would make a good School Council rep. Elections are then held, with each child being given the opportunity to vote for their chosen candidates.

Impact of the School Council

  • Pupils negotiated with staff about the equipment they could use at lunchtimes and playtimes on the playground.
  • Pupils have been encouraged to think about how they learn.
  • Pupils have become trained playground buddies.
  • Pupils have encouraged children to drink more water and introduced a Bearwood water bottle with the support of the PFA.
  • Pupils organised a ‘Growing Project’ in each class to help children understand more about caring for living things.
  • Pupils explored how children felt about safety in the playground. As a result relationships and strategies were explored in lessons and assemblies, changes were made to adult supervision and a ‘Listening Ear’ box was introduced.

School Council Minutes


Spring Term

Autumn Term