Curriculum Newsletters

Curriculum Termly Information

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic that we are currently facing, our Curriculum letters are on hold, however, you may find all information relating to your child’s Remote Learning during this time on our dedicated Remote Learning Page – Click Here to View

“At the start of each half term, each class teacher issues a half termly Curriculum Newsletter to parents/carers detailing the topics to be covered for that half term, useful information and important dates. We feel that this is an invaluable way to inform parents of the learning each half term and ensure that we work together to enthuse the children in their learning journey.”

Click the links below to see previous examples of our Newsletters for each year / class.

Oak Base (Nursery and Reception)

Holly 1 (Year 1)

Holly 2 (Year 2)

Willow 1 (Year 3)

Willow 2 (Year 4)

Maple 1 (Year 5)

Maple 2 (Year 6)