Our Curriculum Information


At Bearwood Primary and Nursery School, we value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning. Our aim is to enable each child to participate fully in current and future society as a responsible, self-confident learner. We promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical qualities of all pupils. Our curriculum is designed with these concepts in mind.
We define curriculum as the totality of a child’s experience at Bearwood Primary and Nursery School. This includes not only what but also how the child learns.

Curriculum Aims:

At Bearwood Primary and Nursery School, we design a curriculum which is:

  • Engaging:  Our aim is that children enjoy learning and embrace challenge: this high level of engagement leads to progress.
  • Enriching: Our aim is that the curriculum is enriched in a variety of ways: trips; visitors; real world contexts; innovative, stimulating and inspiring experiences; cross-curricular links; purposeful use of the environment; pupil and staff collaboration.
  • Unique: We recognise that not only is each child an individual but also each class and each member of staff have unique interests, skills and talents. Our curriculum is designed flexibly to meet the needs of these groups

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